.5 ml Glass Round Mouth Piece Glass Cartridge - 100 units

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Glass cartridge with a flat mouth piece in glass. This glass cartridge has a ceramic cart and glass mouth piece allowing you a purer taste of your marijuana. This glass cartridge has holes on top (versus on the side) to prevent the waste and loss of your oils.

Recommended Oil Viscosity: 75-90%

Oil Viscosity Levels

  • 70-80% : Like a runny honey in room temperature
  • 80-85%: Maple syrup like, moves, but very slowly
  • 85-90%: Thick maple syrup like
  • 90%+: Oil does not move when turned upside down

To fill, simply twist off the mouth piece.


Quantity: 100 units
Capacity: .5 ml
Electrical Resistance: 2.2 Ohm
Hole Size: 1.6 mm
# of Holes: 5

  • Holes on Top
  • Ceramic Cart
  • Glass Mouth Piece
  • Easy Fill